Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy will help you to tune into your depths and realign your energy. It allows you to experience a pure sense of peace and serenity and sound therapy can be used in conjunction with massage, or as a standalone treatment.

Holistic Massage

Massage can support you through many of life’s challenges and health issues. It releases the deeply held tensions and emotions that create disease and stress which are held within the systems of the body.

Group Soundbaths

Imagine lying down, being wrapped in cosy blankets in a candle lit space and just resting. Simply relax whilst allowing the pure, sacred sounds of the gong, drum, singing bowls, voice and tuning forks to swirl and float around you.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a beautifully gentle, or beautifully wild way of moving your body as you chose to, along with some deeply rhythmical beats. Ecstatic Dance can allow you to rediscover your self in a brand new way.

Our Prices

Concessions are available.

Contact me for more information.

£45 session (usually around 1.5 hours)

Sound therapy
£45 a session (usually 1.5 hours)

Group sound baths
£15 per person (minimum of 4)

Ecstatic dance
£10 per class (timetable to be arranged)