Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy can be used in conjunction with massage or used as a stand alone treatment. It will help you to tune into your depths and realign your energy, allowing you to experience a pure sense of peace and serenity. Using singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, voice and other instruments, Sound Therapy will rebalance and rejuvenate your physical, emotional and energetic self, sending you into a wonderful state of calm. Sound Therapy uses the vibrations of the instruments to lift dis-ease in the cellular memory and release the emotions, traumas and tensions that no longer serve you. In a 1-1 session, you lie fully clothed on a soft, warm couch and allow the sounds to assess the imbalances in your body. The sounds effortlessly sink deep into your being and nourish you in a very deep way and you just lie there and do nothing but receive.


Group Soundbaths

Imagine lying down, being wrapped in cosy blankets in a candle lit space and just resting. Simply relax whilst allowing the pure, sacred sounds of the gong, drum, singing bowls, voice and tuning forks to swirl and float around you. Imagine the deepest state of bliss, where your mind is silent and yet you are awake, where your body feels held safely and lightly, yet you are on the floor. A soundbath is a delightful way to recharge, let go and float about in serenity.

Soundbaths can take place in community halls near to you. Just message for further details or to arrange one locally to you.


Holistic Massage

Massage can support you through many of life’s challenges and health issues by releasing the deeply held tensions and emotions that create disease and stress which are held within the systems of the body. Through bodywork, your wellbeing and vitality can be increased.

Having trained in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, neurological muscular techniques, subtle energy fields and trauma release work, I ensure the session is centred on the whole person.


Ecstatic Awakening / Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a beautifully gentle or beautifully wild way of moving your body as you chose to along with some deeply rhythmical beats. Ecstatic Dance can allow you to rediscover your self in a brand new way. It unlocks many hidden parts that have been squashed throughout life and it awakens and enlivens your truth. By a gentle, fully led process, we work through the body and release stress, fear, trauma and grief.

Together we find joy, ecstasy, authenticity, wildness and bliss.